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Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to You: Campbell Family Practice & Ghebranious Internal Medicine Associates is dedicated to establishing trust with you, our customer, and to protecting your privacy. All personal identifying information collected by us will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining our relationship with you. Our contact information is as follows:

Campbell Family Practice & Ghebranious Internal Medicine Associates
10950 Resource Parkway, Suite A,
Houston, TX 77089
(281) 484-5587

How Do We Collect Personally Identifying Information?
We either collect personally identifying information ourselves, through registration, signup or order forms, or we use a third-party to collect that information on our behalf, only as necessary to conduct a transaction. This information will not be tied or traceable to any personally identifying information. This information will not be collected online due to HIPPA compliance restrictions.

What Do We Use Personally Identifying Information For?
We only use personally identifying information to conduct, facilitate or in furtherance of a transaction. For example, we use personally identifying information to charge a credit card for services. We may, only to support a particular transaction, release your personally identifying information to a third-party, such as a credit card processor, delivery company, or other third-party as would be necessary to complete the transaction with us. If we do this, rest assured that we would only release the minimal information necessary to process the relevant transaction.

What We Do NOT Use Personally Identifying Information For?
We will never sell, intentionally release, or otherwise make available your personally identifying information to third-parties that are not required for a specific transaction that you request, unless otherwise compelled by law or court order. We collect traffic patterns and information from our web servers, but this information is not combined or used with or in conjunction with personally identifiable information. We may use cookies or session variables, as necessary, to maintain your session with our servers on a transaction basis. However, we never use cookies or session variables to track your movement outside our web server, or to tie your movement to the personally identifying information we maintain. We may aggregate limited demographic information, purchasing behaviors or web traffic patterns.

How Do We Protect Your Personally Identifying Information?
We protect personally identifying information both online and offline. Online, account information is protected by the leading industry standard method of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Offline, personally identifying information is also protected in our offices. Our employees are well informed about our privacy practices, and access to customer information is restricted to what is necessary to perform their specific tasks. Moreover, we notify our employees of any changes to our Privacy Statement and corresponding requirements, and we possess polices and procedures to handle privacy complaints and security threats or breaches.

How Can I Review or Make Changes to My Personal Information?
You can review, or update your personal information, or change the status of your “opt-in” anytime you conduct a transaction with us. Alternatively, you may contact Campbell Family Practice via courtney.cfp@yahoo.com, or call (281) 484-5587, where we would be happy to assist you.

How Are Updates to this Privacy Statement Made?
You can check this website for changes, and we encourage you to contact us via courtney.cfp@yahoo.com with any questions you have about any changes to or about any of our policies. Without your express consent, we will never materially change our policies, and practices to make them less protective of your personally identifying information.